Boat Handling Courses

The ethos of the school is to be adaptable and flexible to meet clients' needs. Therefore we are willing to offer full days training over one or two days or even half day training on specific situations and areas.

Our training will cover every aspect of inland waterways boating, incorporating a combination of skill learning and safety.

A typical days training would include:-

  • Theory of boats and boat handling including leaving and returning to mooring and Lock work.
  • Rope work. How to secure your boat. How to coil and successfully throw the rope from the boat. Basic knot work (the ones you need to know, not the ones you will never need).
  • How to leave the mooring safely and efficiently.
  • Steering and control of the vessel. Turning the boat, utilising the flow of the river. Stopping the boat and controlling it whilst static.
  • Practice in coming alongside a pontoon or the bank.
  • Negotiating a Lock safely and efficiently. Perhaps the biggest nightmare for any boaters. Students which be instructed how to enter the Lock, secure the boat correctly and then leaving the Lock. We understand for many that this is perhaps the most frightening of boat work. Therefore we place emphasis on this part of the training.
  • Whatever else the student wishes to practice in their own boat.

We have put together a Course which provides what the student actually requires in relation to boating. No time will be wasted teaching what is not required; we aim to be flexible in our delivery style. Not being restricted to a strict timetable where sufficient time cannot be provided for the essentials of boat handling!


As mentioned as our overheads are now considerably less we are able to pass these savings onto the Client.

Our fee simply will be £200.00 per day.

This is the only fee payable regardless of the number of students (a maximum of three) and the size of the boat. This we feel is fair price. We have never understood the practice of increasing fees in relation to the number of students.

In relation to bespoke training or half day training please contact us.

You may feel that you could benefit from additional instruction in a particular aspect and need to brush up a particular skill. Whether it be leaving or entering the mooring, coming alongside, lock work or any particular aspect. Instruction can be tailored to meet your needs. Half days are available.

Please contact for quote.

Boat Delivery

You may have taken delivery of a new boat which may be some distance from its mooring. We provide a service where we can either deliver the boat for you or accompany you offering guidance and instruction, helping confidence and enjoyment of your new boat.

Please contact for quote.