1. The booking form should be completed and the relevant course fee should be paid in advance.
  2. If instruction is given on a students own boat then the craft should be insured at least to third party insurance. This is a condition of our public liability insurance.
  3. The craft should be in a suitable condition with a current boat safety certificate and the correct authority licence. It should be suitably equipped for cruising with ropes, fenders and safety equipment.
  4. Whilst every consideration is given to students health and safety the school is not responsible for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to any property of the student (including the students own boat when receiving instruction). Students receiving instruction do so entirely at their own risk.
  5. The course will not be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. If cancelled by the applicant then the fee will be forfeited. The only consideration for cancellation will be if the flow is too great and the Environmental Agency recommends the river is unsuitable for craft. If this is the case then the course will be rescheduled. In the event of a students own boat being used for training and it is found to be either unsuitable for training purposes through being not suitably equipped in respect of either safety consideration or equipment or the boat is mechanically unsound or during the course of the lesson the boat becomes unusable in any way the lesson will be cancelled and no refund will be made.
  6. Please note that if an instructor has to travel in excess of 15 miles from the schools base then a travelling levy will be applied.